How to partner

We appreciate your prayers for the people of Japan and partnership witn our ministry in Japan. Here are a few ways you can stay more connected and practically encourage the work in Japan.
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    How can I stay updated on ministry in Japan?


    Our main communication tool is a monthly newsletter we send out as both a digital and physical copy. To sign up to receive the digital copy please click here. Fo the physical copy please contact us via e-mail. We also post periodic updates on our Facebook page as well as on this blog.
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    How can I support you financially?


    Thank you for your interest in partnering financially. If you would like to give online first go to www.simusa.org and click the give button. Then enter one of our names and/or our missionary ID (#038207). From that point just follow the on screen instructions. If you have any trouble, or would like to send in a check by mail please contact us directly.
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    What do you need?


    While finances are an obvious need the things we desire most are prayer and relationship. People encountering Christ is a spiritual issue. No matter how good, or bad, our actual ministry is what ultimately matters is whether or not people encounter and believe in Jesus. Please pray that this would happen in Japan. Also, we want a relationship with the people who are drawn to what God is doing in Japan. Please contact us through whatever means you prefer (e-mail, snail mail, messenger, line, etc...).
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    What can I do?


    Is God calling you to serve in Japan, or missions in some way? We would love to talk more and try to be an encouragement in that process.
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